This kit includes the assembled and tested CW Keyer PCB and some other parts you can see on the pics.

This CW Keyer has a memory of last pushed dot or dash so it helps to send the letters very clear and correct.

It works fine within 3 to 15 VDC voltage so you can even hook it up to the small 3 V battery and use it in portable operation saving energy of your radio.

To get this KIT worked you should do simple wire connection. I am including the circuit and diagramm of the connection. It is really very simple. Only thing you have to do is to find a suitable enclosure of your choice and mount the PCB and connectors there.


This KIT includes:

1. Assembled and tested PCB with AtTiny13 proc (already programmed)
2. 1k Pot (CW Speed setting)
3. Plastic knob of the pot
4. 5V Buzzer (plus leg is a longer one)
5. Power jack (to solder the power cord there)
6. Power panel connector (power jack fits there)
7. Output key(TX) connector (to use it to connect the keyer to your radio)
8. 3 pin male stereo connector (to connect the key there)
9. Wire
10. Diagramm of the connections and circuit diagramm


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