RF BRIDGE 0.1 - 3000 MHz



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With this known RF SWR Bridge board you can measure in thru-mode filters, amplifiers and in reflective mode antennas, impedances, inductance, capacitance and impedance matchings and much more.

Last measurement showed that this RF Bridge works great even up to 3000 MHz !

Using ANRITSU RF Vector Analyzer I did a lab measurements of Directivity of this known RF SWR Bridge. So as we can see on the graph above we can use this SWR RF Bridge for ideal measurement of well-matched devices up to 1000 MHz. Then up to 2500 MHz this bridge can be used for reliable measurement and even up to 3000 MHz it is usable for indicative measurement. 

Not bad for such low cost device, isn't it ?

You can use it with HiQSDR or compatible SDR Transceivers with N2ADR software and NWT series of USB RF Analyzers or any other RF signal sources with detector.

Technical specifications

Working frequency - 0.1 ... 3000 MHz
Return loss - more than 35 dB
Connectors - SMA
 Size of the board - 45 x 90 mm


This RF Bridge comes with the red protective caps on its SMA connectors.


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