This NEW MODEL TCXO SERIES of Transverters contains SPECIAL ORDERED SMD type of TCXO with +-1ppm stability. It makes this Transverter especially good for Digital Modes operation. Additionally we added the narrow two coils Band Pass filter of the LO frequency that more suppressed unwanted emission. TCXO pic is below.

With this transverter board you can work on 1.25 meters band using any type of the HF radio that has 10 meters band. It would work the whole 1.25 m band at 222 to 225 MHz if your base radio has 28 to 31 MHz band. Most HF radios have 28 to 30 MHz band so in this case it means you would have 222 to 224 MHz band. It works any modes such SSB, CW or FM if its available in your radio.

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Driving this transverter board by 1 to 50 mW (0.05 W Max) from your 10m band radio you get about 10 - 15 W output power on 8m band. You can adjust input driving power by RV1 pot on the board. This low level input driving power allows to use this transverter board through the low level transverter output of HF radios or with Flex Radios and other type of SDR Radios.

If you are going to use this transverter board driving it by 1 to 10 W power through the Antenna Output of your radio then you would additionally need the Attenuator Board. We offer the Attenuator Board along with the Transverter Board for a lower price than buying them separatelly.

This model of 222/28 MHz Transverter board allows you additionally use the separate RX/TX outputs of your base 28 MHz radio.

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We are offering completely built and tested in our lab board. To get it worked with your radio perfectly you have to do some soldering works with the cables, wires and connectors.

We are including a circuit of a simple attenuator board which contains a few resistors and relays only. It can be easily built by any person with a basic knowledge in electronics. Also there you find a circuit of a possible connection of this transverter board to your HF radio.

Technical specifications

RF range - 222 ... 226 MHz
IF range - 28 ... 32 MHz (222.000 MHz at 28.000 MHz)
IF input power - 1 ... 100 mW (0.1 W max.) or 0 ... 20 dBm
LO frequency - 194 MHz (SMD type TCXO)
LO frequency stability - +/- 1 ppm
Output power - 8 ... 10 W
RX gain - typ. 20 dB
Noise figure - typ. 1.0 dB
Image rejection - typ. 70 dB
PTT control - Contact closure to ground
Supply voltage - +13.8 V DC (+12 ... 14 V DC)
Current consumption - typ. 2 A (TX)
TX Output transistor - RD15HVF1
RX Input transistor - BF998
Dimensions (mm) - 80 x 45


Download a copy of the description I am including with the Transverter Board here

The circuit of the simple Attenuator Board is here

I test all transveter boards before putting them in a shipping box.
If you were not satisfied with the transverter then in term of 30 days you can ship it back and I refund you.