When it is required to make a measurement at a node of an RF circuit, connecting to the circuit using a normal oscilloscope probe, even on the x10 setting can change the behaviour of the circuit. For those difficult cases, you need a special probe like the one I built and put on a sale.

This sale includes assembled and tested RF Probe PCB. It suppose to be placed in some tube or enclosure of old probe. Or you can even use old marker pen to place it in. I am not including the enclosure. You should find it yourself. For example I used the old oscilloscope devider enclosure and placed my own RF Probe in there. I use it when I am adjusting the transverters... It works really great.

Technical specifications

Input device - BF-998
Input Impedance - 0.75 pF / 10 MOhm
Bandwidth - 100 kHz to 1.5 GHz
Gain - -20 dB nominal
Size - 55 x 8 mm

I built this RF Probe according its decription I found in open source here

To get accurate results it is important that the ground of probe should have a close contact to the tested point on the circuit. So to solder the wire somewhere on the RF Probe ground surface and then connect it to the ground of tested unit.


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