This is the known PA0NHC newest design of MiniWhip Antenna. I have redesigned and built it on SMD components but the circuit diagram itself stayed the same as it had been described on his web page in open source.

This sale includes the MiniWhip and Power Splitter assembled and tested boards. They go with its circuit diagrams and part list specification. No cables or connectors are included.

This new version of PA0NHC MiniWhip Antenna has these features
- New version, using modern BF998 and BCX54 semi conductors
- Real class A circuitry, clean reception without IMD.
- One coax connection.
- Broadband R/C coupling to the receiver, no transformer

Technical Specifications:

Frequency range: 10 KHz - 30 MHz
Power: 12 - 15 volts at 150 mA
Second order output intercept point: > + 70 dBm
Third order output intercept point: > + 30 dBm
Maximum output power: in excess of - 15 dBm
PCB Size: Length (mm): 155 x 27
Connector: BNC
Feed line: 50 - 100 ohm coaxial cable up to 100 meter long

To note please:
Each antenna performs as good as its installation permits it to. Any active antenna is not working good inside the house! It should be mounted OUTSIDE and as high as possible. Place this MiniWhip antenna PCB inside suitable enclosure of your choise and mount outside the house. Probably for the enclosure you can use a piece of the PVC tube which available in varios diameters in a local store. Do not use metal enclosure! It wont work there!

For max. sensitivity:
- this antenna should be positioned as high and free from metal conductors as possible.
- the ground plane of the PCB must NOT be lower than the top of the mast.
(the connection to and the antenna surface itself must be ABOVE the top of the mast).

For best signal-to-noise ratio:
- install the Miniwhip onto a well grounded mast.
- connect "GND" of the Miniwhip PCB to that mast.
- place HI-Ui ferrite cores (Ui bwtween 5000 and 10.000) on the beginning and end of all cables to block cable noise currents.

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